1 month post fast update


Dinner tonight!!  Yes, colours of the rainbow are on my plate tonight and oh boy does it feel good!  I spend so much time in the kitchen now, trying new recipes and making it as easy as possible to keep on my plan.  My mushroom and veggie patty with homemade tomato sauce and ‘cheese’ is my favourite meal and it feels like a real treat.

I have a couple of mishaps where I haven’t made the best food choices.  Most of those poor choices were made after drinking a fair amount of whiskey and only one mishap has been due to emotional eating.  Interestingly, my weight has not fluctuated and I’m a constant 1.5-2kgs more than when I finished the water fast.  I was hoping that it would continue to go down but I’m sure that will happen soon.  I still only have 1-3 coffees a week instead of 7-14 and my body definitely thanks me for that.  I find I’m more sensitive to coffee – the shakes, the buzz but I also find that on the days I have coffee my appetite increases BIG time.  I also find it gives me brain fog so I prefer not to drink it during the week unless I REALLY feel like it.  This is a really big change for me which I’m glad has continued.

Another big difference are my food cravings.  I no longer crave chocolate or sweets.  In fact, I spent my Saturday making chocolate and I didn’t like the bowl!  This was unheard of in my reality before the water fast.  What I crave now is savoury food or pastries.  So I’m trying my hand at nut cheeses.  So far, I’ve just made some really nice nut spreads/dips.  I don’t think anything really replaces dairy cheese and I don’t want to eat the typical vegan cheese that is full of vegetable oils and soya.

My sleep seems to depend on when I go to bed and flick my light off.  If I’m in bed by 10-10:30pm then my sleep seems to be more peaceful and I wake up more refreshed.  But waking up has been a struggle recently which makes me wonder about the lingering effects of eating some gluten and dairy.

I love how my body just feels like it’s working better.  A lot of things seem to have balanced themselves, although my gut function is still less than ideal but it doesn’t seem as upset as it was pre-fast.  Probably a combination of some ‘time out’, a HELL of a lot less processed food and a fair whack of probiotics has helped it and I hope that each time I fast (I plan on doing 7-14 day water fasts every 3-4 months), it heals a little bit more.


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