Day 1 Post Fasting


Day 1 post fast is done.  And oh I’m so glad to be able to start eating again.  My blood tests were sent off and can’t wait to see the results.  I’ve released 13kgs and 21.5cm.  So kinda stoked with that effort.

I started this morning off with a diluted freshly made apple and cucumber juice.  I felt quite faint after taking my bloods so it was good to have something other than water.  I also made a wonderfully nourishing veggie broth ( and it made me so happy to slowly sip it during the day.  I do have some weird sensations in my tummy (feel like it needs to be stretched) so I’m not sure if that’s just my stomach and intestines waking up or maybe have a little reaction to something in the broth.  Tonight I had a diluted carrot, red capsicum and ginger juice and a date or two. My god, dates are just SO amazingly good! So sweet and squishy and just oh so good!  I’m also taking some probiotics now to just make sure my gut becomes full of the good bacteria.  I’ll start introducing sauerkraut and kimchi in a few days.

I have been reading about how to break a fast properly and I came across ‘Guidelines for Breaking a Fast’ (  It all made complete sense to me.  Ease your body into eating and don’t do silly things – e.g. having a kebab and hot chips or go back to your old eating habits.  I’m going to do the juices for a couple of days with the veggie broth and work up to drinking undiluted juice.  Then do smoothies and simple puree soups and finally food I have to chew.  I may have the odd chewy thing over the next couple of days but I’m going to try and keep my digestive system as happy as possible.

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