Day 13 & 14.


Day 13 was an uneventful day although I did feel I had slightly more energy than usual.  I also made it through a busy time at work, although I was quite tired at the end of the day.  My work colleagues still think I’m nuts 🙂  I jumped on the scales today and have dropped 10.2kgs!  10.2kgs in 13 days??!!  Bloody insane if you ask me.  Yes, some of that is going to be water and inflammation.  So I’m curious what my inflammation markers are going to be when I finish the fast and re-do my blood tests.

Today was day 14.  And I’m still flabbergasted that I’ve been able to do 14 days without food!  However, today I almost caved and just gorged myself silly.  Somehow, I held out.  God knows where this willpower is coming from.  I honestly never knew I had so much.  Possibly due to a very poor night’s sleep, I was extremely tired and really struggled today.  My body, mind and soul just felt really heavy and really slow.  Perhaps something to do with the full moon too?  Who knows?  I was in my PJs by 6:30 tonight and ready to hit the hay.  I’m just going to take the fast day by day now.  If I get to 21, great.  If I don’t, great.  I’ve made it to 14!  If my body still doesn’t feel right over the next couple of days then I will start introducing foods – fermented food, probiotics and juices.  I would like to make it to 21 but we will see how the next couple of days go.

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