Day 11 & 12.


The above are jars of shredded vegetables that I’m fermenting for some good probiotic goodness.  I’ll turn a couple of the jars into kimchi too.  Can’t wait to eat this!

Still going strong, which I’m constantly amazed at!  Getting to day 14 is not going to be a problem at all.  I’m very tempted to stretch it to 21 days but I’m going to check in with myself on Day 14 and see where my motives are.  If my motives are mainly about the weight loss (I’ve lost 10kgs so far), then I will stop.  Weight loss is meant to be a happy side effect of this experiment.  But I’d really like my gut to heal and apparently 21 days is a good time to do this.  So we’ll see.  I may just take it day by day after Day 14 and see how I go.

I had some interesting conversations on Day 11.  I was out for a friend’s going away and somehow it came up that I was on day 11 of a water fast.  Well.  They were horrified, told me I was crazy, told me I was starving myself and that I needed a good meal from McDonalds.  To most people it is crazy as it’s such a social extreme.  As Ray Cronise said “just because it’s socially extreme doesn’t mean it’s biologically extreme.”  But what was curious is that they had absolutely NO interest to hear what actually happens to your body when you fast on a physiological level, how incredibly smart our bodies are and that we used to go for extended periods of time without food, thus we have evolved to cope with this.  This was the first time that I really became conscious how most people would view what I’m doing.  But it also gave me a small insight into society and how willing we are to carry on the ‘norm’ instead of listening to another point of view, which may perhaps be more accurate that what we have always been lead to believe.

Since I got myself some magnesium ( and potassium ( my leg cramps have been heaps better!  I haven’t had any today so see how I go tonight.

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