Day 10…..still going!

It was a mixed day.  I didn’t sleep well last night and this morning I woke up not feeling great.  I also go the feeling that my body is starting to want some food.  My arms are weak when I’m doing my makeup, I’m a bit tired and I’m getting some weird sensations in my chest – it’s like my oesophagus/trachea goes into spasm.  It makes swallowing and breathing quite uncomfortable at times.

I got a craving today for lemony hummus.  Ooooh I can’t wait to make my own hummus!  I also can’t wait to crunch into some cucumber and make my own chia seed porridge.  Or some hot, vegetable broth or tomato soup.  Yum, yum yum.

I tried to find some information about fasting and women menstruating.  Sometimes I wish there was more consistent information on the web!  There are some reports of menstrual disturbances doing intermittent fasting.  But there seems little info on longer fast, the effects on menstruation and are you able to do a water fast while you’re menstruating.  I think it comes down to being sensible.  No two woman’s periods are the same so we all ‘suffer’ differently.  I have recognised in the past is that a couple of days before I get very tired.  I’m due in a few days (a full moon too!) so curious to see how it all goes.  I want to make 14 days.  I’d love to have the energy that a lot of people report.  I think for my first water fast, I’ve done quite well so far.  People at work think I’m bonkers and can’t believe that I’ve still be able to work (I have an active job) and STILL be standing, able to function and be ok!  Maybe I’ll make 21?  Who knows??

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