Day 9 – emotional rollercoaster

Today I was a human hose pipe.  Maybe it’s part of the process?  My body is ridding itself of toxins so perhaps it is also starting to release the emotional/mental toxins too?  I know these can be just as bas as physical toxins.  Anyway, tonight I am tired.  But it’s not a physical tiredness, it’s an emotional one.  I feel a bit drained.

It was also a day of some revelations.  I’m not as busy at work as I would like to be and I have been blaming everything and everyone else, except me.  Today, I remembered that the outer environment is a reflection of the inner environment.  So it’s nobody’s fault that things aren’t working, except mine.  It was good to recognise this and I talked to my boss and we’ve nutted out a plan to get me (and my head) back in the game.  I had another revelation that I don’t miss food.  I only miss it in the social context.  I’m really starting to get used to just not having it and being totally fine.  I’m curious to see what happens when I start eating food again.

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