Day 6 – what a day!

So this morning I woke up and felt a lot trimmer.  I jumped on the scales and did a double take….7.2kgs gone in 6 days!?  Holy moly!  It would be so easy to make this fast about losing weight, so I must be careful to not fall into that trap.

I still have leg cramps so I’ve ordered some potassium tablets, which I hope do the trick as they have in the past!  I definitely have a clearer head and my vision seems sharper.  I feel I can see things more clearly and colours seem brighter.  I still don’t have the massive energy that everyone talks about but hopefully I’ll get there.  My sleep has been a bit disjointed past couple of nights with noisy neighbours and leg cramps.

I got my blood test results today.  I posted them on that Stats page.  But for convenience here’s the link to the Stats & Progress page  Some interesting things in there.  I was honestly surprised that my biochemistry wasn’t more out of whack!  Considering how much sugar I used to eat, it was comforting to see my diabetes risk (although high normal) was still ok.  My inflammation marker (C-reactive Protein) was off the chart!  I had no idea my body was in such a state of inflammation.  That could explain the crazy weight loss.  What is interesting that my B12 levels were low-normal, especially when I think about the amount of meat I used to eat.  Folate was low as well, probably because of my previous shitty diet.  I was comforted that my liver function, overall, is pretty good.  Just one slightly elevated marker.  My luteinising hormone was low as well.  I’m also happy that my thyroid seems to be functioning ok!  I have always worried that my thyroid was under-active.  Phew!

The test lab have recommended that I do the blood test about in 8-12 weeks time, which seems like a good idea.   But I’m going to be another test after I finish fasting because that would be amazing to see!  SUPER curious to see the difference a vegetarian/vegan diet makes, if any.


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