Day 4 and IBS


Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Literally a pain in the arse.  I have been labelled (and labelled myself) with this condition for 7 years now.  A few things along the way have helped but it’s always lingered.  To demonstrate what a pain it is, here is a list of foods I can’t eat without getting excruciating stomach pain/bloating/wind/nausea/diarrhea/tired/grumpy:

Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, leeks, onions, garlic, brussel sprouts, apples, pears, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, papaya, paw paw, almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts,  beetroot, cabbage, fish, gluten products, eggs to some extent and dairy products.  I know there are more but these are the ones that I often encounter.  Sure is going to make eating vego/vegan a lot more challenging!

Some of you might think there’s nothing wrong with not being able to eat many of the foods above.  I’m not fussed about not being able to eat brussel sprouts but as to the rest…. I actually used to really enjoy broccoli, cauliflower, kale, beetroot etc.  Being sensitive to onions and garlic is also quite challenging, especially when eating out.  Plus I LOVE garlic and onions.

Having scoured the internet for the impact of fasting on IBS, the verdict was mixed.  Some people resolved their IBS doing 10-21 days fasts.  For other, fasting made it worse especially when they started eating again.  To be fair, it did sound like some of the IBS sufferers who came off fasting went right back into eating ‘normal’ food and didn’t have a re-feeding plan.  But who knows???!!!  It seems I’m never really going to get a straight answer on anything to do with fasting!  All I can do is add my own experience.  I’m really hoping my IBS resolves after doing the fast or very soon after!

I cannot wait to start eating food again either.  The emotional hunger demons kicked in full force today.  My goodness I could’ve eaten a whole bakery and then moved onto the Cadbury factory.  Somehow I managed to hold it together and not cave to the little voice screaming at me to get some chocolate.  I did treat myself to some sparkling water with a little lemon in it and, believe it or not, that was bliss!   I am incredibly surprised how well I’ve gone.  I never thought that I’d be able to go nearly 5 days without eating.  I think it’s easier to do a fast than to do a very low calorie diet (1000 cals or less).  I know, I’ve done them and the hunger pangs I’ve gotten on those have been a hell of a lot worse than those with fasting.  Kinda crazy, hey?

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