The prep and plan


Geez, that looks like a lot of blood to take myself.  But it really wasn’t.  A couple of finger pricks and my blood tests are off to the lab.  I am very curious what the results will be as it has been a while since I had a blood test.

My initial plan was to do a fasting prep for 3 days, then do a water fast for at least 5 days and then start to introduce foods back in via juices and smoothies.  However, it seems the Universe wanted to speed up the process and I ended up with a tummy bug.  So today is actually Day 2 of fasting!

Although food is the last thing my tummy wants at the moment, it hasn’t stopped my mind going absolutely ballistic. Examples: “Food just looks so good!”  “What if you pass out from no food?”  “What if you can’t do it?”  “Really, what if you REALLY can’t do it?”  “How are you going to survive?”  “What will everyone think of me?”  “You’re f***ing nuts doing this!”  There is also a very small part of me that whispers “what if you CAN do it and it works for you?”

What is really helping me, now and in the last week when I knew I was starting this endeavour, is being in a state of curiosity.  If I start thinking about the food I’m choosing not to eat, I freak out.  But if I say to myself “let’s just see how this goes”, I find the emotional charge is taken out.

I survived Day 2 of my fasting.  Yes, I have a ripper of a headache (possibly sugar and caffeine withdrawals) and I’m super tired.  But I managed it AND a very busy day at work.  I’m drinking loads of water and am having to odd herbal tea.  I may start adding some lemon or cucumber or mint or all 3 to my water, just to switch it up a bit.  But you know the bonus to fasting that I realised tonight as I flopped into bed?  I can sleep in for an extra half an hour as I don’t have to worry about food prep!?  Frickin’ yay!!  Maybe fasting isn’t so bad……


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